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Sex Story

Welcome Home After spending 8 months in the desert I was looking forward to a little R and R. Somehow I was lucky enough to get on the list of guys going home for a couple of weeks. That might not seem like much but after eating sand and MRE's, (that's meals ready to eat to you); I was ready for some four star cuisine and a real bed. I was also looking forward to getting laid in a big way. Eight months is a long time to be hanging out with a bunch of guys and having no privacy. Hell, just thinking about hooking up once I got home was enough to get me riled up. It started to get hard to bear on the first leg. The girls working in our section were knockouts! One blonde and brunette on that plane just knew what kind of effect they were having on us. I know for a fact a few buddies were heading back to the lav to "rub one out" before getting home. No stamina, too bad. My first time in "the world" was NOT going to be in an airplane lavatory with my friggin' hand!

The next flight was no picnic. Not only were the girls snottier, we had some guy who was better suited working in some fu fu hair salon. He'd come buy, looking me up and down and asked if I needed anything with a little wink. Yep I don't think there was a single hard-on to be had on that whole flight.

Finally I was on the last plane of the trip. Most, if not all of us, had split to go to our respective homes. I was beat but excited, not long now and I would be back in town ready for action! The flight was pretty empty since it was one of the last to depart Atlanta. In fact before the flight left the gate one of the flight attendants had bumped me up to business class, which was pretty cool of her. It didn't hurt that she was drop dead gorgeous either. She had long red hair tied back on a ponytail, pretty face with a small green gem stud in her nose, and deep maroon lips. She had a great pair of tits as well, held high by her uniform top. I figured it was just my imagination, but it also seemed like her nipple were really hard too. Her legs were great as well, accented my dark blue stockings and ending in a too small pleated dark blue skirt. It seemed her stockings were making the skirt ride up her hips as she walked or moved to assist one of the few other passengers. She would put on an annoyed look and pull it back down every few minutes. For me, this was pure torture. I was beginning to imagine what she was wearing under that skirt, if she wore full hose or thigh highs, if she was wearing panties.

Fuck, I was getting a huge hard-on and had over an hour to go before we landed. I glanced over to my tormentor and watched as she leaned over one passenger to give a drink to the other. Her skirt rode up further yet showing me that her stockings were thigh highs as I could see where they ended and the milky white of her upper thighs began. I could also see that she wore a pair of leopard spotted panties that tied on the sides. I was totally lost in thought as I starred at her upturned ass, envisioning my hands on each cheek, pounding out months of sexual aggression. Maybe I WAS going to have to jerk off in the bathroom. There was no way I was going to get off the plane with the erection I had.

Suddenly I came back to reality, focusing my eyes and looking right into hers as she glanced back at me over her right shoulder. It seems during my daydream she had turned around and caught me staring like a tiger at a wounded gazelle at her ass. To my surprise, instead of walking over and slapping the hell out of me, she gave me a little smirk and wink. With a little added flair she stood up, arching her back a little further than normal, pushing her ample breasts out against the already too tight top she wore. Then, turning toward the back of the plane to finish her rounds, she strutted down the isle with a little added swing to her backside. Oh man, this minx was killing me!

I turned back around and tried to put the image of that swaying ass out of my head. I put on my headphones and tried to watch the crappy kids' movie they were playing on the flight. Well it was working at least. Hard to stay horny watching some animated blue alien thing running around causing mayhem and destruction. My hard-on subsided and I began to give in to the sleep that had been evading me for most of the trip.

I dosed for only a short time when the cabin bumped around a little, snapping me awake. I heard the bell go off reminding everyone to fasten their seatbelts, but started to dose off again.

"Excuse me Sir." I heard her sweet voice in my head, but paused in opening my eyes. Just the sound of her voice woke my lust again and I began to swell a little.

"Sir, I just need to be sure you're buckled in. Okay?"

I started to open my eyes and sleepily muttered "Yeah, gotcha."

What I didn't realize was she was starting to lean forward to check for my belt when the plane lurched again. She tipped forward more than she had intended to and placed her hand right on top of my growing erection. My eyes shot open, looking right into hers. There was a look of surprise, quickly replaces by a smoldering look I find hard to describe.

"Oh," she cooed. "This isn't for me, is it?"

I think I actually blushed. Sure I was embarrassed, but this woman was hot as hell and looked like she could eat me alive! I just smiled and said rather crassly. "Sure is!"

"Hmm." She mused; righting herself, she started to walk by me with a little smirk playing across her face when the plane bounced and lurched again. This time the motion took her off balance and, to our mutual surprise and my pleasure I might add; she fell over the arm of my seat and landed squarely in my lap. Falling the way she did, I instinctively lifted my arms and kept her from toppling the rest of the way back. The attendant, now with her legs over the arm of my seat, sat on my lap sideways. There was no way she couldn't feel my hard-on pressing into her ass. I could have cut steel with it at this point!

"Oh," she said quietly, her lips turning up into a slight smile. "I'm sorry, this damn turbulence!"

"I'm not!" was all I could think to say. She wiggled her ass in my lap for a second grinding her weight in my erection, driving me totally mad in the process.

"Don't go away, I'll be right back." She said.

She pulled herself forward by the seat in front of us as I gave her a little boost for help. Smoothing her dress back down, since it had been pushed practically around her waist by the fall, she walked back out of sight. I sat there in the semi-dark; noticing for the first time that the only other person in the section was asleep two rows behind me, wondering what she meant by "Don't go away, I'll be right back." My imagination began to run wild. There was no way anything was going to happen; this sort of stuff never really happened, did it?

I didn't have to wait very long for the answer. All at once I felt a hand on my shoulder. She came around the side of my seat, bringing her self in front of me, lifting one leg over to the other side of my inside hip; finally lowering herself onto my lip. She faced me so that our noses practically touched. I could feel the heat of her sex in my lap directly over my rock hard cock and smell the sweetness of her quickened breath. She wrapped her arms around my neck and rocked her hips forward with a slow motion.

"So," she purred. "What are you going to do with me now that you have me?"

I leaned forward slightly and brought my one hand to the back of her head. Pulling her to my lips I kissed her deep and hard. Our tongues probed and dueled in each others mouths. Her kisses were divine! I had been waiting for months to be able to do this and it was heavenly. Her mouth explored mine and it seemed she couldn't get enough.

Brenda (at least that was the name on her ID tag) continued to rock over my erection, grinding herself on its hardness. She pulled away from our kiss and looked at me with smoldering eyes. Grabbing my hands she placed them over her breasts. I could feel her hard nipples against the palms of my hands as they encircled her soft, supple globs. No other guidance was necessary. I massaged her breasts with my fingers and worked toward her hard nipples. Once I felt them between my fingers I gave them a gentle pinch. Through the thin shirt could feel that her nipples were pierced. Brenda lunged forward almost instantly and mashed her mouth against mine, moaning loudly into my mouth as she did. She moved her hands down; first trailing her hands down my toned chest and abs, then down to the bulge in my pants. Her fingers quickly found my belt and went to work getting it apart. Then she started to unfasten the front of my uniform pants; pulling the opening as wide as she could, she reached in and grasped my thick cock through my boxers. Brenda moaned again as she pulled herself upright. I could tell by the look in her eye she liked what she saw when she freed my shaft. Brenda looked down at it and bit her lower lip, bringing her closed fist up my shaft she milked a large drop of pre-cum to the tip. Quickly she brought her thumb up over the head of my cock and spread the slick fluid around causing my thick head to glisten slightly in the low light.

"Let's get this monster inside me!" she exclaimed.

I looked down at the sight of her petit hand grasping my cock and could have burst right there. She released my erection and brought both of her hands to her waist. First she pulled the small skirt up higher on her hips. Then, reaching to the sides of her panties, she untied two little bows that sat high on her hips. Once untied the thin material dropped down to reveal the sweetest pussy I have ever seen. Her bush was neatly trimmed into a small, short strip. Her mound was perfectly visible even in the low light of the cabin; I could see the tight part of her lips and could make out the silver loop in her pierced clit.

Brenda took the panties she had just removed and tossed them into the seat next to me, reaching down she grasped my hard cock. I heard her sigh and saw her smile as she ran her thumb over the head again, teasing its silky head. I was starting to breathe a little harder anticipating what was to happen next. Brenda released my throbbing erection and brought her pussy to it, resting her hot slit against the bottom of the shaft. Then, with a gleam in her eye she rocked herself forward, sliding her obviously wet pussy up and then back down my cock. My God this was torture! She looked into my eyes, and had to see the torment behind my gaze. This is not how I wanted to end this encounter but I was so close. With a smile she grasped my thick cock around the base and rubbed my cock head back and forth over her opening, wetting the tip with her juices.

All I could do was grit my teeth and try not to shout out loud as she slowly dipped down and slid the tip of me into her velvet tunnel. Holy fuck did she feel good! I looked straight into her eyes as she came down, impaling herself on my hard shaft. Brenda sucked in her bottom lip as she slid down my length, groaning as she did; finally stopping as my balls rested firmly against her ass.

Brenda leaned to the side of my head, took my ear in her mouth and lightly bit, then sucked the bottom of my lobe.

"Fuck me stud. Fill my little cunt with that monster of yours!" She hissed into my ear.

My cock twitched at those words. I grabbed her hips as she leaned back and I lifted her off of me a little and then began to thrust into her as I pulled her down; then I lifted her again gaining a little more motion to rub against that pierced clit of hers. Brenda helped in her own way by supporting herself with her legs to come up off of my cock and then bringing her weight back down as I thrust up into that hot, tight pussy. Brenda had her lower lip back in her mouth, which looked sexy as hell! It was getting harder for me not to get vocal. I was starting to grunt as I thrust into her. The feeling of her wet pussy was almost too much to bear. I could feel the cool of her clit ring at the base of my cock when she came down hard in my lap. I brought my hands up to her breasts again, this time I pushed her shirt up over her breasts noting she was braless. Now I was staring at those two beautiful pierced nipples. I loved the contrast of her pale skin, pink nipples and the stainless steel hoops piercing them. Leaning forward I took one into my mouth and tugged back. Brenda bucked forward, pulling my face up to hers and mashed her lips to mine, just in time for her to groan loudly into my open mouth.

Pushing back she looked down at me and moaned "Again!"

Hell, she didn't have to tell me twice. I bent forward again and took the opposite ring between my teeth and pulled on it like it was the pin on a hand grenade. This time she looked at me wide eyed as she ground her hips forward; keeping my length inside but moving it in her pussy. I was suddenly surprised by the feeling of the walls of her cunt around my shaft. She was convulsing the muscles inside. I could feel the tightness move up and down my shaft imbedded inside her. It was my turn to moan and buck I could feel my gut tighten; feeling the pressure building deep in my loins.

Brenda must have felt the difference in the way I was moving, or the feeling of my cock beginning to swell, preparing to fill the with eight months of pent up sexual tension. She started riding me again, moving back and forth, and rubbing her pierced clit on my shaft as I pounded into her. I could hear her breath begin to quicken. She brought one hand to one breast and pinched, then pulled her nipple, moaning out loud this time. Neither of us cared at this point. I was so close my eyes were starting to water and toes were curled!

Practically on the brink I took her free nipple ring between my teeth again and tugged hard. Brenda bucked forward violently, mashing her clit against the base of my shaft. Letting go of her nipple, she grasped one of mine and pinched it hard. That sent me over the edge. The image of an empty fire hose suddenly filling with water came to mind as I felt my cum rushing up my shaft. I quickly brought my hands down under her arms, then up to the tops of her shoulders; and held her down tight to me as my building orgasm spilled out of my throbbing cock. I felt my cum pulsing from the tip of my cock as it shot forcefully into her pussy. Brenda's orgasm hit her split seconds after mine. I could feel her pussy clutching at my cock as I filled her with cum. There was a sudden rush of warmth as she came around my thrusting shaft. I could feel her cum on my balls and the inside of my thighs as we ground together. I watched through half closed eyes as she quivered in my lap, arching her back and flinging her head back. My orgasm washed over me in waves as the spasms in my cock slowly subsided. Brenda slowed her pace and finally stopped moving altogether. Breathing heavily she looked back down at me and smiled broadly.

"Welcome home soldier." She said huskily. "Feel free to fly these friendly skies anytime."

I just smiled up at her, breathing heavily myself. Slowly she extracted herself from my still semi hard prick. As soon as the head of my cock came out of her, a trickle of cum oozed from between her pussy lips, dripping into the floor between my feet.

"You made quite a mess." She grinned. I ran a finger between her slick slit, capturing some of the mingling juices from our union. Bringing the finger to my lips I tasted and smelled the combination of our fluids. Again, Brenda sucked in that bottom lip and took in a sharp breath between her teeth.

"Oh, you're looking for trouble mister!" She exclaimed.

Smiling back at her I withdrew my finger. "You have no idea." I said grinning back. She smiled and looked back toward the back of the plane. No one stirred. She pulled her skirt back down and strutted back down the isle toward the lavatories.

I spent the next few minutes getting myself put back together. Only moments later it seemed the announcement came over that we would be landing soon. Moments flew by and before I knew it we were on the ground and taxiing to the gate. I still couldn't believe what had happened as we came to a stop. To my surprise and disappointment I didn't see Brenda as I was getting ready to leave. Glancing down to be sure I didn't forget anything I noticed her panties sitting in the seat next to mine. "Well," I thought to myself with a grin. "At least I have proof to show for this little story."

I still looked for her as I left the plane. I walked up and out of the ramp and headed to the baggage claim. Looking up I saw that it was almost midnight. I headed to the claim area and waiting for the belt to start. There were only a handful of people waiting and none really took notice of me. It was hard for me to believe no one heard what happened on that plane! I couldn't help but stretch as I saw my bag pop out of the chute. Before I had the chance to lower them I felt two hands come from behind me and wrap around my waist. "Mmm, there you are. I was hoping to catch you before you got away." There was no mistaking Brenda's sultry voice. I quickly turned around while her arms remained wrapped around my waist. Looking down I could see that she was even more beautiful under normal light. She had fixed up her hair and makeup since our encounter and was looking perfectly ravishing. She smiled up at me as I noticed another bombshell walk up behind her. This girl had long, raven black hair and a smooth pale completion. It looked like she was wearing the same shade of red on her smiling lips. She was built about the same as Brenda too, with a medium build, perky breasts and killer legs. She was wearing the same outfit that Brenda was as well. She looked at me and smiled.

"So I was thinking," Brenda continued. "You look like you need a place to stay and I told Michelle here that you might be interested in keeping us a little company at our hotel this evening. " Do you think you're up to it?" she said with sly little grin. I just looked back with an equally devious grin, slinging my duffle bag up on my shoulder.

"Why, lead the way ladies!"