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Sex Story

Without You i reach out from within.. as i touch you..

running the fingertips of my hand in trace.. slowly from the curve of your neck down along the sculpted contour of your shoulder blade.. outlined between thumb and forefinger.. the softest of embraces.. soft downy feel of your sweater.. traces.. your living form flowing beneath and.. i feel

warmth rising.. early morning sun on the back of my hand, and your smile.. illuminated.. as you cast an unhurried glance to me over your shoulder.. lingering.. and how our eyes meet.. i wheel

through my senses one by one.. the sight, your blue jeaned hips swaying through the sea of high grasses before us, parted, drawing me in wake.. your scent, wisps fleetingly borne on a fervent cold wind.. caresses, stray locks of my own hair tease softly my cheek, downy tassels brush the palms of my hands.. drifting, sound of your steps to my ears in measure against rhythms coursing through my chest, my veins.. flavors, unfolding ripe autumn bouquet spread beneath a clear blue sky.. but waiting.. faster the wheel turns.. boundaries blurring senses a whirlpool drawing me inexorably towards the center where i find.. you always

there, the grass of the open field thins away beneath the spreading reach of an ancient oak.. along a greyed and weathered fence line.. you slow, turn to me reaching out your palm.. cupping my cheek.. and you draw me in.. close, our foreheads touching, the warmth of our breath thawing the cold frosting our cheeks.. and we kiss.. lips parted.. tenderly savoring, deeply that first sip, draught eternal which ferries us time again back to our beginnings.. our fountain of youth.. and holding each other we sink.. slowly, down together to the leaf covered earth.. in embrace

hands searching.. quiet laughter.. excited gasps as the warmth beneath our clothes gives way to the coolness of our hands.. nestled safely in each other like the cocoon of a warm sleeping bag.. the cold waning reach of autumn seems suddenly far removed as our heat blossoms.. filling our senses.. freeing us the latent weight of our thoughts

heads resting together in the crook of my arm, noses brush, as free hands wander down, in dance, into and beneath the waists of our jeans and at that moment we sigh, into each others mouths.. whispered hearts desire.. and it is as if for an instant the boundaries between us flimmer, uncertain, whose hand is touching whom but then.. in sudden relief.. i feel my own fingers as they glide between the cloud soft lips of your pussy, meet your furnace heat.. the wetness.. my cock swelling slowly into gentle embrace.. welcoming.. curved benefaction of your hand

and with our eyes closed, we explore, bathe in the smallest of telltales, intimate nuances.. our bodies, breath, voices intertwined.. echo and reverberate in the space between.. amplified with each passing moment.. us.. each instant drawn.. closer

and i revel.. delight.. in the wash of your response to my probing fingers.. lightly.. brushing, dipping, massaging and how i then darken.. plunging deeply, surely inside of you to take grip of your pussy.. commanding.. as if in possession with a handle made, just.. for me

how you counter, laughter bubbling in widening open eyes.. defiant.. you grasp the shaft of my cock hard.. drawing.. pushing.. kneading the head and underside between thumb and forefingers sending me reeling.. tumbling in backwash.. my grip relinquished.. vanquished.. smilingly, knowingly.. we surge..

waves crashing upon a distant shore.. each other.. each.. in turn consumed by the momentary rush of white water.. utter embrace.. borne beyond all thought of control left gasping, naked and glistening.. pulling back but for a moment.. yet.. to gather again

and in sudden urgency the safety.. our cocoon.. there among the fallen leaves of autumn seems constricting, suffocating.. unspoken, together we rise and i press you back against a textured wooden fence post.. sliding both hands... forearms.. up under sweater and shirt to find your breasts warm.. moist underneath where my fingers first meet to dig in.. fertile like soil.. squeezing.. i knead them hard.. expectant.. coaxing your mouth to open and allow my tongue to seek and delve.. fill you.. draw you out to meet me

we kiss soft, into a cascading surge of harshness.. willing.. all boundaries to desist and you seem fallen.. to the moment.. yet tailing somehow back to the surface where you gather to push me away.. both hands on my chest.. you sink to your knees swiftly lashing undone the waist of my jeans.. opening.. drawing them to my ankles and i am instantly torn between two worlds.. sensations.. cold autumn breeze biting the cheeks of my ass.. warmth of your lips devouring the length of my cock.. and i surrender.. following into the depths of you.. bending my knees, both hands resting on top of your head desperate to lock myself into position, balance as a statue might stand for soon.. soon i will no longer have control of my own legs.. or will.. to stand against you

fingers laced through your hair.. shivers chase the length of my body, pool and gather though not from the draughts of autumn cupped.. your mouth, lips, your hands on the cheeks of my ass.. tongue bathing me warmly, playfully.. teeth biting.. tauntingly.. suddenly to suck me deep in undertow of throated pull with which i shudder.. with your ecstasy.. drunken in my own.. i reach to grasp for you

hands placed along the sides of your neck.. thumbs resting firm, nestled in the tender exposed flesh just under the line of your jaw as i draw you upward.. toward me.. and how you come.. reluctantly, eyes opening as if a drowning swimmer reached shore, dazed.. mouth a glisten i kiss you.. faint taste of my cock on your lips.. breath.. moist and rapid.. beckoning.. we pull back from each other to reach with our eyes.. locked.. depths of our desire opening wide..

no return.. in a smile.. touching both our eyes.. turning you place your hands atop the fence post legs braced wide.. i spoon into you from behind, filling, body, cock pressed hard against your blue jeaned form.. delicately burrowing with my nose into your hair, tossing locks aside as my mouth and lips seek.. soft lobe of your ear.. laid bare.. my naked intent

feel my quickening

encircling your hips pressed tight across your breasts, my arms.. cusp.. broken and plunged beneath the waist of your jeans at your belly, from behind, my two hands.. both sides.. forged entrance giving way to glide along the cheeks of your ass, curved pout of your belly there to meet.. two pairs of fingers.. approaching.. both front and back

broached.. your response is total as you cry out.. there.. among the solitary fields of autumn

the fingers of my one hand emerge from your pussy to trace the mound of your clitoris, painting silky wetness along the skin of your belly.. while the other.. lubricated soft pressure against the giving tautness of your anus.. drawn clean in the tight fissure between the cheeks of your ass.. quickly changing direction to return, both.. greeting again.. there to gather

deeper each time.. four fingers maneuvering.. merging to make room into the widening of your pussy.. deftly permitting themselves deeper.. emerging thickly coated and rich.. blurred sensation of separation.. unable to ascertain just when four fingers become two pairs traversing apart in fluid assurance, soothing reversal of direction gliding to settle, again, in unison backs opposed.. sinking ever deeper

as you settle also.. head laid resting upon your hands and we are both entranced, carried in embrace of rhythms.. spreading warmth.. tingling wetness tumbled, swirling, sense of direction blurred as my fingers emerge and return to disappear from either side, lost, blending seamless in seeming utter synchronization of choreographed precision.. and you begin to rock.. pelvis swaying with a flex of your knees and suddenly i feel as if i am cradling you.. swinging you in my arms.. and born of that sensation.. an image

in fleeting stark relief.. alone.. a barren landscape.. the counter weighted arm of an oil well swinging through its endless arc.. again and again seeming to come to a standstill, poised in that teetering instant of apex, to pass, once more over the brink gathering momentum.. plunging.. downwards, inwards plumbing dark riches in hidden realms

bringing both my hands cupped to the warmth of your belly i reach swiftly to undo the waist of your jeans.. kneeling behind you i help you to lift one foot.. drawn, one boot, cast aside.. then pull your jeans, panties down and over that leg.. freed.. discarded cloth left gathered in a midden around your other still booted foot

i lift.. a gentle grasp just behind your bare knee.. and rise.. using both hands to guide and gently place your foreleg resting upon the length of the uppermost fence rung.. admiring.. how this movement arches your back, ass and pussy lifting, spread to the air.. your face.. angled towards me with eyes closed, one rose blushed cheek visible and how you smile serenely.. cold wind of autumn blowing, meaning nothing..

and i step back momentarily to kick off my own boots, my jeans from me, and come to you placing one hand in the center of your back.. and with the other.. i trace from your knee along the underside of your thigh.. grazing fingertips across the mound of your vulva.. radiating such heat.. where my fingers come to rest at your pubis.. lightly braced.. and with the heel of my hand i find the head of my cock waiting.. a bridge to guide me to you

entering in one fluid stroke i press deeply.. holding out that moment to the length of our combined sighs.. and i bend to kiss your cheek.. your ear.. remain there nuzzled, breath close to yours.. eyes closing now to join you.. and i begin to slowly, rhythmically assert my cock.. withdrawing each time, exquisitely slowing until i feel the tip just beginning to part.. chill of cold air.. then hurriedly immersing myself in your glow.. ecstasy.. your form there in my arms.. so solid, real.. your moist breath pulsing on my cheek.. dancing firefly light.. ethereal

and as the minutes pass.. each deepening stroke.. i sense your hunger growing impatient.. breaking, shedding its bounds.. i straighten my upper body to place both my hands on your hips.. resting lightly in the contours there at first but then.. gripping harder.. fingers sinking deep in your soft flesh.. and i begin to ride you.. flowing long strides.. carrying you towards me as i thrust.. sound and feel of my pubis smacking your ass.. and i watch.. the expressions written across your face in blooms of desire and release igniting.. colliding and calving.. and just as as you seem ready to burst

i quickly kneel.. dousing the flame with the wetness of my mouth.. thrown fuel on fire you cry out.. my lips and tongue, lapping your at your anus.. passionately suckling your pussy.. turning my head to lick and greedily pull at your clitoris.. lacing your belly with fevered kisses, warm breath.. the feel of your soft skin against my cheek urges me to rise and again.. plunge deeper.. harder.. more urgently and how i love to hear your breath catch at the suddenness of my cock filling you.. how the cold melts instantly upon touch.. snowflake upon a fingertip

i reach around and down over your hip with my hand, taking the mound of your clitoris firmly in press.. scissored between my index and middle fingers.. clamped.. drawn, massaged in penetrating rhythms meshing with my cock as it works with piston like deliberation in and out of you.. in fascination i reach as far as i am able with my fingers capturing wetness to return with and bathe you.. in passing.. toying with my own cock, feeling its pliable hardness, swollen veins pronounced in relief.. i allow it to glide between my fingers.. disappearing.. emerging coated smooth and glistening.. tag like chase of teasing fingers along the edges of your pussy.. hide n' go seek ringing, darting, in search of a way to enter along with my own cock and your breath catches.. body moving rhythmically in welcome.. and i feel

doors opening.. inside me.. inside of you.. calling me.. your wild and untamed spirit willing me to fly like the wind.. driving me.. pleading to me like a whip to my soul.. and i let go

beyond thought of control.. beyond thought of myself or even of you.. there is only the sense.. unfettered power, utter grace and beauty unfolding in petal like spreads within me.. blossoming into you.. joining us as the crest of a wave that rolls.. my cock surging inside you.. through you.. and there is no resistance.. no holding back.. a willingness to surrender.. to you.. myself.. our desire and within it all, light and dark embraced and mastered by our love

and it.. as if i watch from a distance how you are consumed.. all expression draining from your face as you are propelled inwards.. and i am illuminated from within.. such a sense of joy.. able to impart this.. witness this thing and i almost want to cry and laugh out loud at the same time

i begin to slow.. taking you by the cheeks of your ass.. then reach to take your leg from the upper fence rung and lower it, one hand supporting you around your waist.. i place that foot firmly on the middle rung of the fence, close into the fence post and whisper to you

stand for me

and you nod.. faintly, eyes closed.. assenting with a slender sound coming just inside your throat yet seeming to originate from so very far away.. you step up, hands now joined and clasped around the fence post and i lift you, support you underneath with both my hands gripping the cheeks of your ass.. and lower you comfortably onto the waiting tip of my cock

thrusting.. slowly, luxuriously to begin with.. we accustom ourselves to the rhythm.. the unusual geometry.. your ass hanging poised in mid air, perfectly at height with my waist.. using my hands i support you while gripping, spreading, fingertips turned inwards resting just along the edges of your pussy.. clitoris encircled and pressed from all quarters..

i lift you.. let you fall.. lift you.. and together we fall.. into a rhythm that finds me propelling you upwards with my whole body, legs, pelvis, harvesting energy that spills loose in momentum.. gravity plunging you downwards onto the shaft of my cock reaching so deeply inside.. penetration alternating with stimulation from my fingertips spread all along the field of nerve endings of your clitoris.. launching you at the apogee of each thrust..

and suddenly.. the urgent cry of your voice.. a continuous moan rising in timbre like the wail of a siren instantly cut off

and i quickly wrap my arms around your torso as you loose your grip around the fence post.. falling backward onto me i brace you there.. your feet still on the fence rung.. my cock still inside you.. and i hold you.. still.. feeling the contractions gripping my penis.. a myriad of small details impinging on my awareness.. the texture of your hair against my face.. your scent.. your beating heart beneath my hands..

and as the last of your orgasm ebbs i draw backwards to let your feet find earth again.. my cock sliding out of you as i turn you.. hold you tight into me.. feeling how our hearts find each other in echo.. and you slowly open your eyes and look up at me.. deep peace, suddenly marred by a questioning look of concern..

for a moment i become concerned.. then understanding, ahhh.. you are worried that i did not cum.. and i smile to you knowingly, letting you understand it truly does not matter.. but then.. an afterthought.. a sneaky knowing wink..

i will get mine soon enough

and your smile breaks free of all cloud.. glints of mischievous eagerness to please sparkling in your eyes.. and i step back from you suddenly getting the urge to look down at myself.. and burst out laughing..

butt naked in only my socks and sweater standing in a pile of leaves.. and i look up at you and begin to laugh even harder.. one boot on.. jeans and panties twisted around your foot in some unrecognizable clump.. you follow my gaze and we stumble forward toward each other to kiss and embrace in laughter

quieting.. we begin to gather our stray clothing and dress.. feeling how it has in fact gotten quite colder, overcast, taste in the air of first snow.. and as we clothe ourselves in silence i turn to find you looking at me.. tender smile on your lips.. and i feel warmth blossom inside of me all over again..

and as we walk.. side by side, hand in hand.. across the golden fields my thoughts keep wanting to race ahead to the rug in front of the fire place.. the sheen of your naked body glowing by flickering light.. and i remind myself to let go.. be here.. now in these moments with you.. moments that will pass forever.. never to be seen again.. and at that thought i am suddenly washed with a wave of sadness.. that i cant grasp you.. this moment.. make it stay, mine, forever.. and again.. remind myself.. let go..

breathing deeply, i feel the flowing sensation return to me and in that instant the clouds suddenly part allowing a slanting ray of light.. illuminated.. there but otherwise invisible.. dancing crystals of ice.. not falling, but seeming to rise.. the wonder of it.. and i feel you.. there.. holding my hand and see you.. there.. beside me with my eyes and sense you.. there.. within me

and i wonder.. how.. could i ever truly know myself

without you